Season Dates, Licensing and Limits:

  • Dates
  • Waterfowl season dates are Oct 1st to Dec 31st
  • Licensing Required:
  • PEI Non-Resident License plus $20 conservation fund
  • A Canadian Federal Migratory Game Permit.
  • A firearm safety card  and wildlife hunter safety card issued from your state or province.
  • Limits:
  • Daily limit for Canada Geese: 5 from Oct.1st-Nov14th, 3 from Nov.15th-Dec.31st
  • Daily limit of ducks: 6 (Only four of which can be Black ducks or Mallards Nov.8-Dec.31 not more than 2 can be Black or Mallards)

  • Possession limit is 16 geese and 18 ducks per hunter.

Bird Processing can be arranged at a nominal charge. Please enquire for more information.